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Pohopoco Creek Alpacas

Mary Baxter
216 Merwinsburg Rd.Effort, PA 18330

Safe, Friendly and Knowledgable

Alpaca Agisting and Boarding

Pricing: We know that each situation is different. Our basic daily agisting fee is $4.00 per animal. Please call to discuss your situation and we can quote you a price.
Questions: 570-242-3587

Service Description

No matter what your level of expertise or reason for owning alpacas we can offer you and your alpacas a safe, environmentally friendly and healthy environment. Our pastures are prime orchard grass with plenty of shelter. Our services include daily feeding and monitoring plus monthly health checks and maintenance. Your alpacas become part of our herd so we treat them as our own. They even get daily belly sprays during hot days in order to help them cool off!